Effective Employee Benefit and Compensation Program

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Abstract The organizations are also aware of the fact that they may engage in capital investments and may erect spacious and beautiful buildings but if they do not have the right kind of individuals orchestrating in the rhythm of organizational success the organization will perish ultimately. Work force planning is a similar human resource tool that facilitates an organization long term accomplishment and sustainability. Work force planning is in fact a systematic approach that is used for identifying and addressing calculated gaps or discrepancies of the availability of human resources currently available with respect to the future needs and anticipated skill of the human resource needed to cater the future challenges of an organization. Subsequently the human resource planning forms the summative pillar of organization's success and strategic decision making. The most important motivator to the employees in the organizational setting is the rewards and compensations and it is for this reason that the human resource executives spend a great deal of efforts in designing and implementing the compensation programs. The Employee Benefit Package Adapted By Human Resource Director Designing an effective employee benefit and compensation program is the outcome of managerial expertise. In the given case it has been emphasized that the HR director of a midsized company will have to design and select the employee benefit program to balance the cost as well as the employee
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