The Reasons For Human Resource Planning

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Task2: Recruiting employees

2.1. Analyses the reasons for human resource planning in Tesco: There are several important reasons of human resource planning that business organisation carry out regardless their size and it is important for the continuity of any business organisation to plan. However, in many business owners may not include human resource planning at the beginning of their business but later realise the importance of human capital and no business can survive without having competitive human capital.
Reasons are human capital, budget control, training and development, and employee satisfaction and cost saving. As business world is quite unpredictable and challenging so Tesco has routinely carried out these analyses to make sure there will be no shortage of staff, which affects the overall performance of the organisations. Knowing future demand and the type of skills that would be required in the future time is very important for the business, and it is one of the reasons that human resource planning is often done. According to Ruth Mayhew Human resource planning is to help the entities to meet the organisational goals because planning links human resource planning with the actual operational process, and also one of the most reasons of human resource planning is to counteract the uncertainty and changes. Human resource planning helps Tesco and any other business to maximise career development and high employment retaining methods. Planning has the
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