Effective Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Business

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Effective Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Business By SirishOn April 13, 2013 Effective Facebook Marketing For Real Estate Business Social media networks especially Facebook has been playing significant role in online marketing and emerged as a source of advertising any business. Facebook acquires over 978 million users globally with US topping the chart with over 159 million users. US register nearly 90% of real estate agents using Facebook for marketing their business. With the kind of increase in users registering on Facebook each day creating opportunities to acquire new clients has made the real estate business to integrate Facebook as an important component to its online marketing strategies. Now that most of the real estate activities started to happen through online search the real estate businesses, professionals, buyers, brokers and sellers are relying in Facebook that offers them the chance to build a community of their existing and prospect clients. Here are few tips for effective Facebook marketing for real estate agencies or a business. Set Up a Business Page on Facebook Create a business page for your real estate business which helps in cultivating traffic, lead generation and customer acquisition. Here are few steps to set-up a Facebook Page - Ensure the Facebook page for your real estate agency or business is compelling with targeted keywords and brand name Add testimonials, achievements and awards etc to the welcome tab of your Facebook Page in
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