Effective Helping Relationship Requires Four Necessary Components Of An Effective Counselor

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Every relationship, no matter the type is very complex. No matter how long two individuals have known each other, the relationship needs multiple things to survive and thrive. An effective helping relationship requires four necessary components: warmth, empathy, genuineness, and respect. During the course of this class I have learned of many skills which I must use to succeed in my chosen field and I have skills which I excel at and others which have room for improvement. To prepare for the upcoming exam I will tune in to all of the skills which I will utilize to pass the test. Through my preparations, I expect to learn more about my strengths and weakness and work on improving all of my skills to become a more effective counselor. …show more content…

This in turn frequently makes me seem, upset or judgmental when this is not the case.
The second component of this relationship is empathy. Empathy has two meanings: it is the natural human ability to connect nonverbally with another human and empathy as a skill, which is when you take what someone is feeling and put it into words. The text defines empathy differently, “It is the ability to understand another person’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, and behavior from that person’s viewpoint. Being empathetic involves having the willingness and flexibility to put yourself in the other person’s reality and involves understanding the other person’s assumptions, beliefs, and/or worldview” (Chang et al., 2013). As a practitioner I will display this by listening closely to my client and tentatively reflect the feelings they may have but cannot yet identify. I will also try my best to understand the situation from my client’s point of view and but my own biases on a shelf to better serve them. I am more comfortable and skilled at displaying empathy than warmth. The ability to put myself in another’s reality and see things from their perspective is something which has always come naturally to me. Reflecting another’s feelings and thoughts is something which I have worked on as I grow older and now feel comfortable doing on a daily basis.

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