Counselling P1

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Counselling Skills
P1: Describe processes for initiating, maintaining, developing and concluding a helping relationship

A helping relationship is a relationship between the professional and the patient/client which aims to help the client get through difficult situations and encourage the client to overcome their issues.

Gerard Egan’s 3 Stage Skilled Helper Mode 1994, provides a basic guideline on how helping relationships should be carried out. It is important that helpers take into consideration the steps provided in the Egan’s mode as it provides structure and positive support to clients.

The 3 stages are:

1. The Present Scenario
2. The Preferred Scenario
3. Getting There

Within each stage there are additional …show more content…

The client should be thinking of a time frame which they can reach within a certain time limit. The helper should support these and be a mediator for the client when they are setting their goals.

2c. commitment

The aim of the final step of stage two is for the helper to evaluate the commitment level displayed by the client to achieving their goal. The helper

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