Effective Management Of Operations And Supply Chain

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Introduction Effective management of operations and supply chain is a crucial source of competitive advantage for any business in a rigorously competitive environment. Operations management generally denotes the process of managing a firm’s resources with the ultimate aim of delivering value to the customer (Krajewski, Ritzman & Malhotra, 2013). To stay ahead of the competition, an organisation must constantly strive to transform its operations – it must seek to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain. This report compares the operations of 99p Stores and Sainsbury’s fulfilment process. Sainsbury, which was founded more than one and a half centuries ago, is one of the most popular retailers in the UK, commanding the third largest market share after Tesco and Asda (Christie, 2013). 99p Stores is also a retailer that operates in the UK, though it is quite smaller compared to Sainsbury. While Sainsbury has been doing online retailing since 1996, 99p Stores is currently in the process of testing the viability of online retailing.
Operations Transformation The primary aim of any transformation process is to deliver value to the customer. From primary activities such as raw material acquisition and marketing to support activities such as procurement and human resource management, an organisation aims to create value for the end consumer. Transforming these operations is vital for survival in an environment characterised by stiff competition. Some of the operations

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