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Effective Management in Healthcare Organizations

The present environments for healthcare organizations contain many forces demanding unprecedented levels of change. These forces include changing demographics, increased customer outlook, increased competition, and strengthen governmental pressure. Meeting these challenges will require healthcare organizations to go through fundamental changes and to continuously inquire about new behavior to produce future value. Healthcare is an information-intensive process. Pressures for management in information technology are increasing as healthcare organizations feature to lower costs, improve quality, and increase access to care. Healthcare organizations have developed better and more complex. …show more content…

The manager must make certain that it take place in a organized way. Market-driven healthcare restructuring has directed to the development of integrated delivery systems through mergers and changes in systems of imbursement for services. Healthcare organizations are undergoing the most important reorganizations and modification to meet the increasing demands of improved healthcare access and quality as well as lowered costs. As the use of information technology to development medical data increases, much of the critical information required to meet these challenges is being stored in digital design (Austin & Hornberger, 2000). Web-enabled information technologies can present the means for larger access and more useful integration of healthcare information from unlike computer functions and other information resources (Starkweather & Shropshire, 1994). Information management is the effective, efficient, organization-wide planning, directing, and control of information within an integrated technology system. Managing information technology in a business today is very different. Managers in healthcare organizations should treat information as a major type of resource required to do business (Munsch, 2001). Healthcare organizations face increasing pressures to do more with less, so how well they accomplish objectives is often a process of how they optimize the limited information technology resources they hold and not the pressure to

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