Effective Nurse Management And Leadership Styles

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Effective Nurse Management and Leadership Styles:
To enhance Staff Nurse Retention within and organization
Many factors affect one 's ability to be a great leader in the workplace, especially among nurses. Many factors go into being a great leader and being able to build a work environment where employees would like to continue working. To some extent, it is up to the nurse manager as well as the nurses to make an effort to make the environment friendlier and increase retention amongst staff nurses. Nonetheless, there are internal factors, such as different leadership styles among managers. Can staff nurse retention be increased be increased by effective leadership methods? One theory that prompted more research into the field was the continuing decline in the number of available nurses at public and private hospitals. Staff shortages have led to more research being done on nursing retention because there has been a great deal of money lost by organizations, as a result. Organizations/healthcare facilities lost lots of money when a nurse chooses to leave a facility, and when a new nurse is hired more money is spent to train the nurse according to service standards. Referring to Ribelin (2003), it is important for nurse satisfaction to be high as it related to their managerial environment. The idea is that effective nursing leadership will increase retention amongst staff nurses and through appropriate leadership the work environment will become a place where staff will want…
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