Effective Team Work

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Effective Teamwork 11/30/2015 SOC/110 Professor Rowell

An effective team has strong leadership where the team leader not only recognizes what they bring to the team but what each team member brings as well. A strong leader protects their team and doesn’t have a hidden agenda. Respect is a very important characteristic of an effective team because if members of the team disrespect each other and put down team member’s ideas, productivity could possibly slow down because team member’s willingness to contribute ideas and solutions might diminish due to disrespectful communication between members. Open and honest communication between team members and the team leader is important because without …show more content…

The need to be in control can be a good thing for teamwork because all groups need a leader that can help keep the group on track, as long as everyone in the group isn’t trying to be in control, which could cause tension and confusion. There are three main components of group diversity, your core personality, your internal dimensions, and external dimensions. Your core personality is your unique way of experiencing and behaving in the world that surrounds you. Internal dimensions are things that you can’t control or change about yourself, your age, race, or ethnicity. External dimensions are based on societal and experiential factors in your life for example, your religion, marital status and educational

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