Effective Workplace Teams

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A team is a group of people working as an organisation. Teams can be of varying sizes, working independently or inter-linked within other teams.

All work organisations operate more effectively as a team. Each person's role can be treated as individual but ultimately will be more successful when integrated with others. It is imperative that there is good communication between all parties, acceptance of diversity and harmonious unity.

Some key elements that make a good team are:-

Having a clear and shared vision of growth and development

Common goals, strategies and tactics

Effective feedback

Ongoing evaluation

A team is a group of links and within these links there will invariably be a weak link. It is
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In an ideal world team members come together with a common goal, agree a plan of action, iron out their differences and get on with the job in hand. A crisis is dealt with, all the disparate elements come together, and even if the solution isn't found till the eleventh hour, the deadlines are met and the project is finished. People's commitment is inaugural. Of course this doesn't always happen and therefore is the responsibility of the Project Manager to ensure that every effort is in place to ensure a successful outcome.

In reality petty squabbles can result in verbal (and in some cases physical) battles, hidden agendas knock things off course, deadlines keep getting pushed back and frustration takes over. The project becomes stagnant and the team struggle to progress. Somewhere along the line there's a lack of commitment, it didn't exist, or more important other unrelated tasks were given priority.

Planning a project well is a significant component to success but there is also the issue of, it's the people, not the processes that make things happen. Dealing with the 'people' aspect of project management is about accepting the fact that people are not always going to like each other, there will be arguments, there will be disagreement as to the best way forward, but
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