Creating Cross Functional Teams For A Functional Team

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Chapter Eight:
What is the key to creating cross-functional teams in which team members put the good of the team ahead of functional self-interest?
A team is a group of individuals who works for the common goal and they contribute to achieve a unique and common objective. Cross-functional teams where members come from different departments and backgrounds to achieve a common unique goal.
The cross-functional team requires hand of top management support and commitment, specific goals and incentives, Self-Managed Team champion who acts an advocate in making the team emerge as self-managed team, adequate and necessary resources, team composition, matching culture and structure, and sufficient team training. By utilizing these factors cross functional teams can really perform well under all circumstances.
The strategic to create cross functional teams are likely to provide them with all the resources that they need and work wonders for them. They require members from different fields that are expert in their domain areas and work effectively for the achievement of the goals that are likely to be understood on their own.
Thus, cross functional teams can work better with the formation of it of the members from different fields work together.

Teams are often credited with making better decisions than individuals, yet they are also criticized for groupthink. What are some of the strategies for creating effective teams that do not fall victim to the groupthink phenomenon?

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