Effects Of Advertising Essay

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We live each day not knowing the effects of everything our eyes see. We live in a world where we contribute to the prominence of advertising; however, the effects upon us are unknown. Advertising can be seen in the majority of the world, it has gotten to the point in which people become almost completely oblivious to them. People see advertisement in stores, in billboards, television, and even their homes. It has come to the point where people believe they are not affected by these ads but that is not the case. Advertising has various effects on the world such as educating society, persuading the viewer through the use of symbols, colors and images, helping people communicate and informing the people.
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It informs about candidates running for office. It tells us about important issues such as the benefits of seatbelt use, the dangers of drugs, and the problem of drunk driving” (Day). In addition, advertising also has a way of persuading people and it all has to do with the colors, symbols, and the imagery within each advertisement. When creating an ad the company must think carefully about the way it will look. Every little aspect of the advertisement will affect the public, this is because advertising “works below the level of conscious awareness” (Schrank). The viewer does not necessarily have to realize that they are being persuaded simply by what color or symbols the ad contains but it is part of the process. Some may say that this technique of persuasion is a deception to the audience, such as Schrank, but it is not necessarily that. Advertising makes us aware of things we need or want and it all includes persuasion. Very much like in stores when clerks try and persuade the buyer to buy products, the advertisement does it as well but at an unconscious level. Even though the viewer does not realize it, the color, symbols, or imagery will affect their decision on whether or not they will purchase the product. People at times say that they are not affected by the ads that surround them on a daily basis, but they are and

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