Fresh Off The Boat : Examining Past Consumer Culture

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Fresh off the Boat: Examining Past Consumer Culture in Guyana and Canada.
Advertisements are everywhere and they can easily be seen if one just takes the time to open their eyes. However, one of the more prominent things that advertising does is influence their audience’s decisions, and these decisions can vary based on where the audience consumes it or even the way in which their community views it as well. The ways in which one experiences advertising can contribute to how they choose to consume and this can affect their consumer habits as well. Not only that, but advertising and popular culture can influence the views on style and gender roles, especially in males. Also, the way that social class can change when immigrating from one country to another can lead the way to new ideas of what one should strive for in society as well. That being said, in relation to the interview that was conducted, advertisements and media are definitely a major influence in how one sees the world, and depending on where you grow up and are raised, your views on society and advertising can change dramatically. The results of the interview that was constructed are the answers of Andrew Ross, a man who was born into a middle class family in Guyana, South America in 1957, who immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1975. At the age of 17, Andrew knew that his world would change. With his father already in Canada, his transition from life in Guyana to life in Canada came quite quickly and so did his…

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