Effects Of Alcohol Awareness Programs On College Students

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Effects of Alcohol Awareness Programs on College Students Valerie Love Grand Canyon University: PSY-550 October 2, 2015 Abstract In this paper, the effects of alcohol awareness programs on college students will be discussed. The discussion and study will be based on the before and after effects of alcohol awareness programs on college students. The study presents a CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), or an Alcohol 101 Psych-Education CD-ROM to a randomly assigned group of 113 college students with prior history of alcohol consumption. In comparison to the college students who receives CBT, the post-prevention program Alcohol 101 have a greater likelihood of being cautious while in a dangerous environment involving alcohol, as well as greater alcohol awareness in understanding the consequences involved in engaging in that behavior. However, when comparing the two prevention programs a month before and after treatment, they both showed significant reduction of equal reduction regarding the number of alcoholic drinks consumed by students per drinking occasion. As compared with the Alcohol 101 program, the CBT proved to have a greater reduction in total number of days consuming alcohol, and the number of drinks consumed. The results of the study will show the implications of these results (Donohue, Allen, Maurer, Ozols, & DeStefano, 2004). Alcohol Awareness Programs: Do They Lead to More Responsible Alcohol Consumption by College Students Alcohol consumption by
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