Effects Of Bunker Fuel Use Over Extended Periods Of Time

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Effect of Bunker Fuel Use over Extended Periods of Time Introduction The South Australian Government is considering the regulation of Bunker Fuel in Port Adelaide, but it is facing a lot of pressure from shipping companies not to do so. In the future the SA Government plans on getting more cruise ships to come to Adelaide. The Government want to know how the increased uses of Bunker Fuel in Port Adelaide will affect the climate, and nearby residents. This report, will be looking at how the use of Bunker Fuel will affect the environment around it. This report will give the SA Government an idea of why they should or should not Regulate Bunker Fuel. Bunker Fuel, more commonly known as Fuel Oil is obtained from crude oil (Wisegeek, n.d.). Bunker Fuel has a large hydrocarbon chain making it very viscous (Wisegeek, n.d.). Bunker Fuel is also highly contaminated with substances that manufacturers are unable to remov (Wisegeek, n.d.). Because of this, when Bunker Fuel is burned, it creates a lot of pollution (Wisegeek, n.d.). Bunker Fuel needs to be heated before it can be used in an engine (Wisegeek, n.d.). Because of this, it can only be used in a few engines, such as those on a ship (Wisegeek, n.d.). Also, because Bunker Fuel is so dirty, it makes it very hard for most engines to burn, however, since ship engines are so large, and sophisticate it allows them to burn Bunker Fuel (Wisegeek, n.d.). Bunker Fuel is also very cheap making so that ship companies buy this over

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