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This essay will concentrate on the effects of Egypt's economy and society during and after British colonization. Observing the opinion on both positive and negative effects which brought the Egypt nation into development. The reason of this essay is to determine how British colonial ruled and gained control on Egypt nation for nearly 40 years and affected it in many ways. This essay is a mainly concerned with its economy system during the British colonization in 1882 until Egypt achieved the full independence in 1936. During 17th and 18th centuries, Egypt suffered an economic decline under the Ottoman Empire. In 1798, when Napoleon Bonaparte landed on Egypt he hoped that if he occupied Egypt British links with India would be disrupted.…show more content…
The debt reached 100 million pounds and the Egyptians had completely lost control of their country. Britain decided to colonize Egypt and control them as a protectorate. The protectorate allowed the British government to control Egypt's economic and political decisions without intervention from the Egyptians. In other words, Egypt was such a weak country at that time. Later, Egypt's finances were taken over by the foreign countries which is Britain and France. Through the colonization of Egypt, Britain gained control of the Suez Canal, a major part of the world's trade routes. With this advantage, Britain decided to heavily tax the ships which passed through. Egyptians thought that the taxes would be put into improvements of their nation or the Suez Canal itself, but the money went straight to the British government as profit. Finally, the news reached to the public that Britain had colonized Egypt. Immediately, the Egyptians began to leave the country. British had to act quickly, for they knew that without the Egyptians to maintain the land and canal, the profit would be lost. The British government decided to impose heavy public taxes on the Egyptians, forcing many to work the lands and never leave the country in order to pay them…show more content…
Both aspects showing a good results in order to maintain and improve the Egypt nation, but some of the negative effects which may led the Egyptian revolted against British government. The positive effects being improved by the British were canals, water irrigation, dams, buildings, farming methods, railways and steamships as modes of transportation. The negative effect was Egyptian suffered corruption due to heavy taxes imposed by the British government, economic declined due to high deficit and high international debt due to a large amount of borrowing from Western countries, which Egypt began during colonization. On the other hand, British was unfair in ruling the nation of Egypt because their purpose is to make profit for their own and not the Egyptian itself. However, this improvement were not benefitted by the Egyptian, but for the traders and merchants which stayed in Egypt while crossing the Suez Canal. It was evident that during and after British colonization, Egypt was transformed into a better
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