Effects Of Geography On The Development Of Greece

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How did the geography of Greece affect its development?
The geography of Greece affected its development because of the various islands and mountainous ranges there could not have a central government like Rome. They had polis’ or city states. A strategic political organization tool to control the many islands. The Mediterranean sea, mountains, islands, and climate isolated divided Greece into city states, virtually This led to a personal form of government which was an early form of democracy. City states came in various sizes, ranging from a few thousand inhabitants to a size of Athens. Each Polis was each fiercely independent and jealous of each others leading to fighting. But on the other hand the whole greek civilization was created on the Aegean Sea with deep pitted coastlines creating natural harbors. Making trade that much easier. Greece couldn't trade overland so the need to import and export goods oversee was needed. Greece imported metals, woods, and food from all over Cyprus, Egypt, Sicily. etc. Greece …show more content…

The age fell after the fall of rome but persisted to spread in the seventh century to Isam. Hellenistic is greek culture mixed with other cultures atat spread over greece's vast and different city states and conquered areas. They concentrated on the arts and education and new types of schooling was invented along with wealth and sophisticated taste in arts and literature. Library's, engineering, universities and theatres rose in Athens and a golden age was birthed. Greek style was used throughout almost every city and official administrations drew in colonists. This new cosmopolitan age brought forth some of the world's greatest and best ideas, scholars, arts,engineers, thinkers etc. Securing a spot of importance for all generations to admire and

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