Effects Of Health Inequality In South Africa

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Health inequality in South Africa
Even though it has been 20 years that south Africa has underwent the change from apartheid to a constitutional democratic south Africa, when looking at the healthcare in South Africa one will see the fact that the is an unequal access to resources by South Africans. this is seen by the division of hospitals into two section namely the public sector and the private sector which requires medical insurance of a person to pay out of their pocket with the government sending almost the same amount of money on both of the sectors whereas the public sector catering for plus-minus 84% of the south African population and the private sector only catering for plus-minus 16% of the population.
When looking at moyosi(2014)
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This shows us the disproportion in the South African healthcare service. The above causes a decrease in the life expectancy in the country. According to Moyosi (2014) After the implementation of the ART programme an Estimations of life expectation at birth in the over-all people within south Africa is greater than before as it has gone from 54 years which was seen in 2005 to 60 years which was estimated in 2012.
South Africa is also faced with the challenge of shortage of doctors to deal with this problem the government decided to increase the number of registering medical students in south Africa by 34% in the period between 2000 and 2012 this period was also seen as a period of the time whereby the involvement of black south Africa women was slow. Another problem that contributes to the poor health care is the fact that they are no nurses placed in rural areas. This areas are the areas that physicians are not willing to
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