Effects Of Marriage On An Individual

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Though everyone’s view is contrasted, there is a similar belief that humans are not meant to roam the earth alone. For many, there is a hope that one day someone will enter his or her life and change it for the better. When this happens, the consequences associated with marriage or a long-term relationship are not always clearly seen. The effects of marriage or a long-term relationship on an individual can help a couple to understand the right time to begin such a relationship, the change in environment within his or her new lifestyle, and the difference in emotional and physical health after that relationship has begun. As the study of marriage unfolds, many can be informed of the effects that marriage can have on an individual. For those …show more content…

There are many factors that play a role in the decision to wait a longer period of time before entering marriage. A recent study explains that “In particular, many Americans are waiting longer to get married due to opportunities for women to pursue careers outside the home, due to better control over the timing of childbearing, and due to the ability to be more selective when choosing a spouse” (Greenstone and Looney). This statement explains that there are those who wish for more opportunities within a married relationship. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, it is not an ideal solution to the ever-present problem in the marrying world. An aggrandized view of marriage/long-term relationships has caused many people to disregard the statement that no relationship is perfect, though many may portray perfection. With the knowledge that all marriage/long-term relationships have flaws, a solution must be found regarding the right time to marry.
Focussing on waiting for the right time to marry or enter a long-term relationship causes many to wait for something that may never happen. When thinking about marriage/long-term relationships, it is imperative that one creates a balance between work and time. Sometimes, building the idealistic life can cause people to postpone or delay relationships because of concerns such as stability and family life. While it is important to build a life prepared to “take on” the future,

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