Effects Of Neglect And Emotional Development Towards School Readiness Name

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Affects of Neglect and Emotional Development Towards School Readiness
The consequences of childhood neglect and physical abuse can never be over emphasized. It affects approximately 30 children in 1,000 per capita in Washington State alone and is likely underestimated as not all neglect cases are reported or investigated. (http://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/2900/DOH530090ChldAb.pdf) It seems the signs for abuse in certain areas are more apparent and easily identifiable than others. Abuse is clearly recognized when it is physical abuse or neglect when someone’s needs are not being met, but the lasting damage to a child’s emotional development from neglect has huge implications on their school readiness. Our laws (RCW 26-44-020 ) defines “abuse and neglect as injury, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child by any person under circumstances which indicate that the child 's health, welfare, and safety is harmed”.

The Concept of School Readiness
School readiness is can be interpreted in two perspectives and three paradigms. The two characteristics are achieving experiences and transition. The dimensions include families’ and communities’ readiness for school, child’s readiness for school and schools’ readiness for children. The willingness of Children can be looked

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