Effects Of Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

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The United States of America, the discrimination nation. Racial discrimination has been a rampant problem in America since the first colonists came from england in 1607. It began with the colonists believing that they are somehow better than the Native Americans already living there due to them being protestant and white, and connects to the racial discrimination that goes on even now in 2017 throughout the lives of millions of African Americans and people of color. While the U.S may be a melting pot of tons of different cultures there is still a population of people that believe superiority due to race is a reality. Racial discrimination in everyday life and work is dangerous thing and should be stopped.
Racial discrimination can show itself in multiple forms as well as in multiple settings. One of the main areas that racial discrimination can show itself is the workplace. This can be incredibly detrimental to the company as well as the public perception of the company which in turn, can affect the income of the company as a whole. Not only can racial discrimination in the workplace negatively affect the company, but it can have extremely detrimental effects on the mental health of the worker. A study from Arnold B. de Castro and other collaborators showed that there is a correlation

between discrimination in the workplace and poor health. The worker may even stop coming to work and do other things to avoid the discrimination without even reporting the discrimination due

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