Effects Of School Uniforms Out Of Style

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Zack Helton English IV Rhonda Hill 27 October 2017 School Uniforms: Out of Style School uniforms have been around for decades within many private and parochial schools. In recent years more and more public schools are implementing their own uniforms hoping to see a change for the good within their schools. Upon researching the effects of these uniforms, it is clear to see that school uniforms are unnecessary concepts that decrease student individuality and do not actually help school attendance or test scores. Prior to taking a strong stance on this controversial topic, it is crucial to understand the background of this concept. According to Pro-Con.org, “The first recorded use of standardized dress in education may have been in England in 1222, when the Archbishop of Canterbury mandated that students wear a robe-like outfit called the ‘cappa clausa.’”(Pro-Con.org). It’s not until the 16th century England that the modern educational uniform comes about. As years passed, school uniforms began being associated with upper class schools. In the United States, school uniforms followed the English uniform norms and tended to be implemented only within private and parochial schools. In 1987, the first public schools to adopt a school uniform were in Maryland and Washington, DC. As more public schools began to take in their own school uniforms, many different legal cases involving this movement began to arise. With cases ruling both for and against the uniforms, people
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