Effects Of Sibling Death On Marriage Essay

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The Effects of Sibling Death on Marriage
Thousands of people across the world have been touched by sibling death. This occurrence has tremendous life-long repercussions. When an individual loses a sibling, serious emotional and psychological damages set in. A trusted confidant and friend has been removed from the family sphere of influence, and the emotional damage caused by the loss impacts all other relationships. Individuals seeking a partner may have a unique experience within the relationship, due to the effects the loss has on their attachment style. Their ability to attach to their spouse may be strongly heightened because of the loss which they feel. The death has created a void within, which has left them feeling guarded towards the initial idea of forming attachments with others. They may feel they are surrounded by a serious of walls which serve to protect their tender emotions from being further damaged by experiencing more loss. Because of this, they can have a very hard time showing true feelings and allowing themselves to become dependent, while at the same time, once this hard but thin shell is penetrated, they may gush their emotions, and speedily cling on to the significant other (J. Adamson, personal communication, September 2016). For this reason, we suggest that sibling death can bring strong attachment into marriage, because the individual has such a guarded exterior which is aching to be penetrated, and once it is, the attachment formed is deep,
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