Essay On Siblings Of Chronicly Ill Children

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Not surprisingly, this meta-analysis reinforced previous findings of a general negative impact of a having a sibling with a chronic health condition. These findings were consistent with previous studies. The method of this meta-analysis gave greater insight regarding how siblings of chronically ill children cope with respect to internalization, externalization, and self-attributes. While the psychological impact of a chronic illness is not as measurably significant as the impact on the chronically ill child, it is substantial. Internalization is more often exhibited than externalization. This is explained as children did not wish to place more of a burden on the family than was already felt and/or because parents were psychologically and …show more content…

The article goes on to address the importance of specifically designing practices related to family centered care in the pediatric setting. Four recommendations are set forth in this guideline: family visitation, family centered rounds, family presence during CPR and invasive procedures, and family conferences. Recurrent themes in these areas are listening to and respect the family. communication of information and answering questions, education, and collaboration in developing treatment. While most of the information in this article is focused on the parents and ill child, many of the suggestions are applicable and adaptable to siblings (Meert, Clark, & Eggly, 2013). Family Visitation The historical strict limitations regarding family visitation have relaxed in the past couple decades, but some resistance is still felt. There is a recognition of the emotional need of children for their parents. Visitation reduces parental and child stress. Visitation by parents should be permitted 24 hours a day and siblings should be permitted with doctor approval according to The American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM). Obvious limitations to visitation are physical structure and family dynamics. Family Centered Rounds The research regarding family centered rounds is more qualitative than quantitative. However, several benefits and few risks are generally associated with family centered rounds. Parents have the opportunity to

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