Effects Of Social Media On Long-Distance

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Long distance is a burden thousands of friends and partners have to undergo during their lifetime. Although this distance can be poignant, difficult and sometimes devastating, social media makes this distance feel considerably less far. With instant messaging, FaceTime, and others, social media can make long distance friendships easier to perpetuate. Social media positively affects the distance in relationships because it brings people together, encourages communication, and keeps people updated on others’ lives. Social media can bring people together because of the effective, instant communication. On media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. people can be connected with their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. According to Amanda Lenhart from Pew Internet, 76 percent of all teens in the United States use social media. That means, new connections with people from other places that normally wouldn't be available without social media. Say for example, your childhood best friend moved to another state, without the internet and social media, it would be almost impossible to remain updated on their everyday life. However, with social media, one can use instant messaging to talk to their long distance friend on a day to day basis. Social media also brings better exposure and understanding of others thoughts as well as others’ culture. Social media not only helps you stay connected to current friends and partners, but also encourages new relationships to emerge. Also,

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