Effects Of Support Offered By School Counselor

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The Effects of Support offered by School Counselor’s on
Teacher and Student Performance
According to the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Education Statistics (IESNCES), more than 50 million students attended public elementary and secondary schools this past year (IESNCES, 2014). IESNCES estimates the public school systems employed nearly 3.3 million teachers this year, averaging to a 15:1 pupil/teacher ratio, to teach and/or facilitate learning within school across the United States. (IESNCES, 2014) Albeit many School Administrators and School Boards perceive classroom room sizes to be manageable, based primarily on the pupil/teacher ratio, The Department of Education expects record breaking enrollment numbers next school year due to population increases, which will put an enormous strain on the staff (The Bureau of Labor and Statistics,
2014). A large number of the students enrolled in the public school system live in inner cities, are being raised by a single-parent, and/or live in a household that is supported by an income that either meets or falls below the poverty line. More commonly these students are referred to as at-risk youth seeing they are more susceptible to participate-in acts of criminal mischief, engage in sexual and other illicit activities, or become affiliated with gangs.
For many teachers, primarily those who teach in our inner cities, this creates even more of a burden and will require they give even

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