Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Behavioral Health in the United States

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The ACA allows for the expansion of Medicaid; the government health insurance program, which is designed to increase enrollees for low income families in Medicaid. With this new legislation people who are under the age of 65 who are at or below 133 percent of the poverty line will have access to Medicaid. Anyone who earns below 400 percent of the poverty line will qualify for subsidies for health insurance. (Cockburn, 7) Americans who earn above this level must either buy insurance, or use their employer’s coverage. This is a huge implication because the estimated of new enrollees in 2014 estimated by the Congressional Budget Office is between 16 and 17 million. The federal government has agreed to finance this expansion of Medicaid for the first three years of implementation, for states that agree to the program. After these three years the states will have to start to pay a small portion of Medicaid. Many people with substance abuse problems, and mental disorders without insurance, are low income earning childless adults. (Bainbridge, 5)Under the ACA these Americans now have access to behavioral health treatment, in the 26…
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