Efficiency of Tidal Energy in the UK

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With fossil fuel reserves declining and the increasing threat from climate change has resulted in the emergence of the renewable energy market.

This has led to significant tidal energy potential being identified in the UK, in particular Scotland, Cornwall and Wales, that offer prospect of building large scale turbine farms or barrages to harness tidal energy. New research has indicated that the UK is severely underestimating the amount of energy that could be generated from tidal sources and that a tidal barrage would be expected to generate 15% of the UK’s electricity needs, according to the BBC, (2013).

While other forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar power, have a lot of media attention because of there accomplishments. Tidal energy has not seen nearly as much, this is due to tidal energy only recently being developed into a commercially viable technology and so has not yet proven its worth or potential.

With the use of a literature review, this paper will attempt to uncover tidal energy’s potential in terms of a viable renewable energy. From the literature review, a methodology, aim, research question and objectives will be set in order to achieve the answer.

The Importance of Renewable Energy The need of renewable energy is becomingly increasingly important to the UK as the reliance on imported fossil fuels becomes more risky as regions of the Middle East and…

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