Eggshell Membrane Reduces Joint Pain Essay

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Eggshell Membrane Reduces Joint Pain
John M BERaRdi, Phd, CSCS

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However, other groups have noted long-term improvements in joint pain from glucosamine supplementation alone [8], and further enhanced effectiveness of combined glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, rather than the separate use of either supplement [5, 9]. The question of their effectiveness in JCT populations is subject to ongoing debate. There has been growing interest in eggshell membrane (EM) supplementation as a treatment for joint pain, as it does not present the side effects of conventional treatments (NSAIDs). Eggshells and their membranes have been extensively analyzed


Eggshell Membrane Reduces Joint Pain

for their components: the separate layers of the eggshell have been analyzed and found to contain several types of collagen (types X, I, V) [10-12]. Additionally, EM has been found to have notably high concentrations of a number of amino acids [13], collagenlike proteins [14-16], enzymes [17-19] and glycosminoglycans (GAGs). Glycosaminoglycans are of high interest, as they play key roles in connective tissue [20]. Glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and chondritin sulfate are important GAGs in EM (21, 22). With the high protein and enzyme content, and naturally occurring GAGs in EM, scientists and nutritional supplement companies have speculated that it could present

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