Eight Jews Hide from the Nazis in the Play, Secret Annex in the Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

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It is the year of 1942. Hitler has taken power in Europe. Eight Jews went into hiding after Hitler’s decision to exterminate the Jews. The eight, helped by the helpers, had to live together in a tiny attic with fear of Hitler’s green police. Mr. Frank is one of the eight Jews who went into hiding in the Secret Annex in the Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. This play is about Jews gone into hiding, and lives a hard life. Mr. Frank, one of the Jews, is a welcoming, helpful, and a problem solver who helps the group to stay together and get over with hard times. Welcoming means to be gladly accept other people. Mr. Frank has shown this trait throughout the play. In Act 1 Scene 1, Mr. Frank welcomes Van Daans into …show more content…

Frank wants to help Peter, but Mr. Van Daan, Peter’s father, was blaming Peter and Mouschi for failing in education. Finally, Mr. Frank helps Anne to get over her nightmare (Goodrich and Hackett, Pg. 510). Mr. Frank comforts Anne instead of acting like Dussel to be mad at her, even though they live in this dangerous place and one sound could lure the Green Police. Overall, Mr. Frank has shown a really helpful trait throughout the play. Last but not least, Mr. Frank also is a problem solver along with his helpful and welcoming traits. Problem solver is a person that always has a solution to any problems. When the thief breaks in, Mr. Frank was calming everyone down (Goodrich and Hackett). This shows Mr. Frank was calm and clear headed even in this situation, and he was able to solve the panic among the group. Next, Mr. Dussel was saying that he thought Franks moved to Switzerland when they saw the address in wastebasket, Anne said, “Father put that there purposely” (Goodrich and Hackett, Pg. 506). Mr. Frank clearly shows a good problem solver’s smartness, and he was able to make other people to think that they went to Switzerland, but not they went in hiding. Also, Mr. Frank tries to calm everyone down when Mr. Van Daan steals food (Goodrich and Hackett, Pg. 534). Mr. Frank was able to keep a cool head and calm everyone down when they are all starving and Mr. Van Daan tries to steal food from the children. Mr. Frank was solving problems among the group and pulls the

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