Eileen Fisher Case

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How is the Eileen Fisher brand story embodied in its:
Products: The clothes are stylish, yet simple and built for comfort. The pieces in the collection were designed to work together, so customers could creatively vary their look from day to day. They were designed to make getting dressed easy, and to be versatile enough to be worn to work and out for the evening. Fisher was adamant about designing clothes for real women and developed forgiving silhouettes that flattered women regardless of their body type. The fluid clothes were designed to take the personality of the wearer.
Stores: The store is to enable a certain feel for shoppers. The brand was embodied in the store in the way the clothes were merchandised in the store. The clothes
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The website was also another platform that was updated. They included more videos to bring the webs advertising, Eileen Fisher previously focused on the person that would wear the brand and how they would wear the brand’s clothes; however now it just shifts that focus to the actual clothes.
How strong is the brand story? What are the core brand associations and meaning narratives associated with the brand?
The brand story was considered very strong. It is a high end brand that accounts such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc. appreciated because it was the best performing brand. It could have been too strong, before the repositioning, because it shifted certain segments away. People associated the brand as for older people, well established in their careers as well as a mom/grandmother brand. It had a very strong brand loyalty associated with it. As the company grew older so did its customers. Some people did not want to be associated with that, and did not buy the brand; therefore shifting younger segments away.

How healthy is the brand at the time of the case?
At the time of the case the brand was healthy but it was at a vulnerable point. There had been economic downfall, so the industry as a whole was suffering but Eileen Fisher was stronger than its competitors. Economic factors forced customers to go to discount brands and shy away from department stores, therefore not only was Eileen Fisher losing customers its competitors were as well. Compared
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