Essay on Election View: Standing for Republicans

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It is difficult to always side with one party however when forming my opinion on controversial topics in the United States I generally side with republicans. There are topics that democrats have better ideas on, but they are not many. Some of the most important issues today in America are drug use, education and same sex marriage, and republicans definitely have the right idea on those topics. There are many others in which they are correct, but those are some of the most important to me. As part of the youth of our generation, I find it exceedingly important to focus on what is in our nations best interest for the future, and when considering our options republicanism is a strongly advised and supported opinion. One issue that I…show more content…
They believe there needs to be more separation between students with higher knowledge compared to students that need a little more help understanding concepts. When separating gifted students they will end up getting more out of school which will transfer to their career and help them a great deal in life. They also encourage the ability for parents and students to be able to choose from multiple schooling options including private schools and homeschooling. Many children find it hard to learn with such large class sizes in some areas, or when having to deal with bullying everyday. Offering the option of homeschooling can help those children learn and succeed. Another option republicans are fighting for is the aptitude for children to be able to voluntarily express their religious beliefs. Many religious groups feel praying for the correct guidance, and if they do so in such a way that it doesn’t disturb others it shouldn’t be a problem in my opinion. Finally republicans believe that we should eliminate federal loans, and switch to only private loans. When the federal government is giving out loans it is hurting our economy excessively. Even though we are already many trillions of dollars in debt the government is still giving out student loans, in return it causes our nations debt to keep skyrocketing. Considering our nation’s current academic status, it is evident that we need to
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