Election For The Election Of 2014 Texas State Senate Election

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Shrestha 5 Sadiksha Shrestha Professor Sherry Sharifian GOVT-2306-71001 26 Sept. 2017 I am running for Texas State Senate from District 16 for the upcoming election. For 2014 Texas State Senate election the candidates were Don Huffines and Mike Dooling. There were no representatives from my party for the election of 2014, hence this year I have decided to represent my political party to serve the people of Texas. Mike Dooling was an amazing candidate, who is a libertarian representative, but he did not appear for the general election. Don Huffines won the general election without any opposition. The map of our district was gerrymandered to benefit some special groups. For this election, I would like to stand up against Senator Huffines to …show more content…

I think we must encourage voting among all the people living in Texas, as fair opportunities should be given to choose their representative. Republican ideology has also stood for private school. Our senator wants to emphasize on private school and slowly want to replace public schools with private ones. According to District profile of District 16, 19.4% of our district’s population is school kids. Everyone is not privileged and financially able to attend a private school. Pushing people to educate their children in private school is not freedom of choice of education. Even if private education is being made free, we also need to consider if it is feasible and easily accessible to children or not. We need to consider situations where we don’t have one private school for a large area, so that students do not have to worry about time and distance to reach school. If I get elected as senator, I would give more priority to public schools as they have been serving our children with easy and quality education. I was educated from a public school, and I feel the education there is just as good as any private school. I would emphasize on how our children can easily reach schools, and economic condition should not be a barrier for children to learn. Every economic and ethnic group should be able to educate their children. The Second Amendment allows citizens to carry arms. I am strongly in

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