Elementary Standards Of Respect Essay

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One of the most important tasks that teachers have as educators is to teach students about the importance of respect. For elementary students, respect can be defined as how a student treats another student or how one feels about another student. It is imperative for students to know that they can have respect for each other, as well as for themselves. Teaching respect at such a young age can be as simple as the teacher modeling what respect is and why it is important to respect one another. By the time students reach sixth grade, they will be able to not only respect each other's viewpoints, but understand the reasons behind them. The standard I chose to focus on is Civic Participation between the grades kindergarten and sixth grade. In order to teach Social Studies effectively, the teacher must build on conceptual understanding with factual knowledge. For example, the teacher can help students make connections with the feeling of respect. The teacher can ask the students, “how did you feel when you were not treated with respect?” After this question is asked, the teacher could introduce examples of…show more content…
Building on standards in this manner is helpful because as students get older, their cognitive thinking continues to develop. Since these standards build upon each other, they set students up for success in the future. Because the standards are laid out in this manner, each year students are building on their prior knowledge, making connections, and applying their knowledge to new contexts. A kindergartner would have a hard time having a classroom debate or understanding why there is more than one view on a certain topic. A sixth grade student’s cognitive thinking is further developed especially when it comes to judgement, evaluation and
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