Elements Of Lovecraftian Horror In Stephen King

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Introduction In the world, there are hundreds of thousands of writers, yet there are less than a third of that in different genres. Knowing that there are fewer genres than writers, it makes since that authors would know each other and share their ideas. Authors like Stephen King, whose stories are popular enough to produce as movies, admit to being inspired by other authors, such as H.P. Lovecraft. It's not just Stephen King who says he's inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, scholars and fans of Stephen King agree with him, saying there are trace elements of Lovecraftian horror in Stephen King's stories. Lovecraftian horror was named after H.P. Lovecraft, and is defined by Daniel Harms in his article “The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana: A guide to Lovecraftian Horror,” published in Chaosium in 1998, as “a subgenre of horror fiction that emphasizes the cosmic horror of the unknown and unknowable more than gore or other elements of shock, though these may still be present.” The thought of authors sharing ideas and being inspired by each other, especially Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft, led me to my research question. How is Stephen King's literature lovecraftian in nature? The purpose of this question is to show readers that, although they may read one author and understand their ideas and writing styles, that it is not uncommon to find a second author with very similar writing styles and ideas as the first author. Sharing ideas and writing styles between authors, within and outside of a

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