Elitist Vs. Pluralist. Which Is Better?

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Elitist vs Pluralist. Which is better? Many things in our society today are determined by the people, by who they are in the society, what they get or receive from being that person and how they receive that certain item or award. Sometimes people, depending on the money they have or their name that everybody knows them by like Doctor, boss, founder, writer, artist and many more, determine the things they receive in this society. There are two different theories in our society on democracy. But first, I will explain what a theory is. Many people think that a theory is just something that people believe in or believe will happen. That is far from the truth about theories. The scientific method starts out as a person asking a question about a certain topic. Then the person researches that topic and learns more about it. Next the person creates a hypothesis which is an explanation of the topic and gives reasons and explains the reasoning behind the certain topic. Then you are to test your hypothesis with an experiment of some sort. The experiment has to be relevant to the hypothesis and the topic. Once you finish the experiment, come up with a conclusion. Did the results fail or succeed ? Finally, you need to write down your results. Did your experiment work or was there something that went wrong? If there was something that went wrong then you have to repeat all those steps until your hypothesis comes out succeeding. If your experiment and hypothesis succeed from the

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