Elizabeth The Film Essay

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Elizabeth The Film Theme of the Film: How Elizabeth managed to gain the throne through turmoil, and then maintain it through even greater conflict and opposition.

Greatest Surprise of the Film: The attention to detail and the symbolism employed to make the story richer than any other period piece. The script was also very well written, and very well paced making the movie much more enjoyable to watch because it was interesting and did not drag.

Historical Characters Prioritized: Elizabeth I, Duke of Leicester, Sir William Cecil, Walsingham, Duke of Norfolk, Mary Queen of Scots, and the Vatican, various potential suitors to Elizabeth I.

Understanding Clarified Which Would Not Be Achieved Through Reading …show more content…

Critique of the Film: I thought Elizabeth was an amazing film, part period piece, part power struggle, part love story. This film has the elements of a classic film. It is, as a whole, riveting, accurate, and educational.

Play the Role of a Reviewer for the New Yorker: Consider:

(a) What was left out? Much of Elizabeth’s latter rule was left out, instead the film opted to tell the story behind her rise to power, and he she eventually gained a foothold on her power, securing herself as “The Virgin Queen” of England. Other things that were left out were Elizabeth’s formative years as a child, although both of these really had little significance or bearing on the story that was being told in this film.

(b) What was inaccurate? Nothing that I saw was not based on facts or completely accurate. The script was highly researched as well all of the elements to the film were. Costumes and sets were perfectly in check with the time period. Language was also very accurate with the times. I would say that much attention to detail and accuracy was paid towards all elements of this film. This gives the film a historical integrity while also making it very interesting and entertaining. This did not feel like a boring Merchant – Ivory movie. To me, this film was a kind of Goodfellas of the sixteenth century.

(c) Were conclusions drawn not warranted by the facts? Yes, as a character, Elizabeth wanted to

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