Email Communication Process

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E-mail and the Basic Communication Model Tracey Miller COMM/470 January 12, 2010 Steve Trask As noted in Appendix A-A basic communication model, “the basic communications model is the starting point for analyzing the communications process in terms of the intent of the sender, the needs of the receiver, and the elements of the communications environment” (University of Phoenix, 2009, para. 1). In today’s business one of the most common and widely used forms of communication is e-mail. E-mail sent in a business environment requires a professional vocabulary and tone that is not normally used in personal e-mails yet it still needs to be conversational. According to Nancy Flynn, director of the ePolicy Institute and author of Writing…show more content…
It had the reverse affect of speeding up the flow of information because it was a useless piece of information. Sending this to employees who do not need such information also creates a slow down in productivity because some employees did not realize immediately that this is a material that we do not carry so they spent unnecessary time and energy researching the material only to discover that it does not even exist in our system. [pic] The last email (personal communication, December 23, 2009), shown below, is an email sent to me from one of our outside sales representatives. While calling on dealers, she realized that she needed literature that explained in more detail the difference between stone, tile, and porcelain. She did not need the information immediately, she just needed to know if it existed and where she could obtain copies when she came back into the office. With the ability to send and receive emails via her phone she was able to send me an email from anywhere she was able to receive a signal. Because she did not need this information immediately sending me an e-mail was far more convenient than calling me on the phone. It also allowed me to respond to her via email (personal communication, December 23, 2009), the second screen shown below, as my time allowed and she has a record of the communication that she can refer to it as needed. She
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