Embry-Reliable Bank Case Summary

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Giovanni Miller
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First Internet Reliable Bank Case Study
The purpose of this case study is to answer questions based on the analyze of reading the case study. There were three questions focusing on ideas within the case study. The answer to the questions are answered below.
Open and Closed Ended Questions
After reading the case study it was noted the even though the complete survey was not available that the open and closed ended questions added significant value and customer insights for First Internet Reliable Bank (FIR).
Closed-ended Questions
The closed-ended questions allow FIR to ask direct questions which required the respondent to answer with preselected responses, such as with a multiple choice answer or an answer which requires a definitive “YES” or “NO” response. They
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Building Customer Relationships
In order to build relationships with its customers FIR needs to step away from the mind set that the use of the internet is no longer dominated by males and the women and older generations are moving towards the use of computers and handheld devices to conduct business. Fir needs to focus on internet security and protecting the interests of its clients and that the market is more competitive, “brick and mortar” banks have become more competitive in the use of internet banking along with the provided customer service.
Improving Customer
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