Emergency Management And The Homeland Security Information Network Essay

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Introduction Emergency management functions around four main ideas, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. These terms are widely used throughout the federal emergency management agency, which in turn integrates them into every aspect of emergency management as a whole. Using the terms mentioned helps create programs such as web-based situational awareness programs the Homeland Security Information Network known as “HSIN”. Web-based situational awareness programs are vital programs to have during any emergency event, whether it is used during an active emergency event, training for an event, or for everyday use. The city of Everett currently uses one form of web-based situational awareness program that is mainly used by first responders such as police and fire agencies. Integrating a new system that is beneficial for all federal, state, local, and tribal agencies as well as organizations is the most beneficial for interoperability. The current city emergency management plans uses HAZUS software, Wireless Emergency Alert and some other great software programs. But, using a system like HSIN allows for each program to be dumped into one system that paints a broad picture of situations as it unfolds that allows emergency managers or incident commanders delegate responsibilities.

Program Overview

Everett is currently the third most populated county in Washington State. The county is roughly three quarters of a million people, with Everett being the most

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