Emergency Responders Face The Difficult Task Of Ensuring The Safety And Wellbeing Of The Citizens

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Emergency responders face the difficult task of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the citizens they serve. Natural and man-made disasters augment the daily threats that responders face. The threat of disaster poses an especially large risk due to their massive sizes and therefore, additional susceptibility to hazards. The Kansas City government created an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to combat the most likely dangers they are likely to face based off of their Threats, Hazards Identification Risk Assessment (THIRA). Kansas City is a major metropolitan city that straddles the border between the states of Missouri and Kansas. The city is situated along the Missouri River and boasts a population of 475,378 as of 2015 according to …show more content…

The large population size and business investments presents a personnel and financial hazard to the city. Kansas City is a major transportation and economic hub that is responsible for millions of tons of cargo passing in and out annually worth trillions. The city is in the heart of the Midwest and is vulnerable to tornadoes and snow storms. Man-made disasters are also a constant hazard due to the sports teams that attract tens of thousands of visitors. The Kansas City government identifies possible risks and hazards they face by conducting a THIRA. The last publicly available THIRA was from the year 2012 and was conducted by the Mid-America Regional Council on Homeland Security. The THIRA: lists a total of eight natural and man-made disasters that the city believes is possible, identifies goals and objectives in combating these threats, and indicates timelines for completing the goals. The eight scenarios listed are: tornado, severe winter weather, HAZMAT release, IED/armed terrorist attack, cybersecurity, emerging infectious disease, anthrax, and waterway & bridges (KC, p. 1). The commonality shared between the disasters that the city has identified is that they could potentially affect a large percentage of the population. Consequently, they will require a joint response effort from multiple agencies and possibly from multiple jurisdictions as well. The THIRA

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