Emergency Response Plan: Aircraft Accidents Essay

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INTRODUCTION An ‘emergency’ is ‘an unplanned event that can cause deaths or significant injuries to employees, customers or the public; or that can shut down business, disrupt operations, cause physical or environmental damage, or threaten the facility’s financial standing or public image’ (en.wikipedia.org, n.a.) in (FEMA, 1993). Emergencies such as aircraft accidents are extremely sensitive to manage and often draw public attentions and sympathies across the globe. For instance, the crash of Air France 447 aircraft on 01 June 2009 attracted one of the highest numbers of stakeholders involvement in the history of aviation accidents (pbs.org., 2010). A typical aircraft accident would therefore, directly or indirectly involve victims,…show more content…
This research focuses on ERP for an airline intending to operate new fleet of 25 B737 on short haul routes from the UK to domestic and European destinations. The aim of this research is therefore, to outline ERP which in the event of an accident would enable timely response, eliminate surprise and chaotic situations. The objective is to enhance the organizational resilience, ensure business continuity as well as the organisation’s timely recovery from an accident or crisis. To achieve the aim, the research shall conduct risk assessment to ascertain whether lack of emergency response plan can have negative impact on the airline. Furthermore, it shall address the needs to be considered in the ERP before outlining the plan comprising of pre-emergency, emergency and post-emergency response plans before arriving at a conclusion. THE NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED IN THE PLAN REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS ICAO had set a deadline of November 2010 for all airline operators to establish a safety-management system (SMS) over their operations. ICAO defines SMS as "a systemic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organisational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures". It stated that an ERP manual will form a key part SMS requirement (ICAO, 2009). Additionally, Annex 6 of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) specify that an SMS requirement be
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