Entering The Emergency Room

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I obtained 25 clinical hours under the supervision of Margene Trinidad, FNP-BC at the Weslaco Freestanding Emergency Room, which is part of South Texas Health System. Ms. Trinidad has more than 20 years of experience as an emergency room nurse at McAllen Medical Center prior to obtaining her license as a family nurse practitioner. As a provider, she is extremely hands-on and begins her assessment the moment she sees them entering the room by assessing their appearance, cleanliness, gait, and level of consciousness. To keep up with the constant patient flow, she performs speedy, yet thorough focused assessments and obtains a detailed history as it relates to the chief complaint. Ms. Trinidad works collaboratively with all the medical staff and …show more content…

Rossow as my preceptor, at the McAllen and Weslaco Preventive Care Institute (PCI). As a provider, Ms. Rossow is extremely thorough with obtaining a patient history and encourages recommended screenings for each patient. Ms. Rossow provides care in a holistic manner, for example, while obtaining a medical history from a patient with the chief complaint of fatigue, Ms. Rossow also inquired about her family and found that this patient was struggling with several issues regarding her family. Ms. Rossow also encourages all of her patients to begin appropriate vitamin regimens according to evidenced based guidelines. During my clinical hours, Ms. Rossow also sought out proper consultation when necessary, while also educating the patient on their current health status, their options, and their referrals. For example, one of the patients was found to have HGSIL on her pap smear, Ms. Rossow proceeded to educate the patients regarding the risk factors associated with this finding, the treatment options and discussed the patient preference for a gynecology referral. As an administrator, Ms. Rossow often has to take on several roles within the PCI clinic. For instance, in the Weslaco location, she was the only provider with one medical assistant who also served as the office manager. Due to this lack of assistance, Ms. Rossow frequently had to take on administration roles such as answering phones, looking up patient records and welcoming new

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