Essay on Emmie's Crush

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Maka stood beside the bed, taking a deep breath. Emmie was dead asleep, if she didn't get up soon, they'd be late. "Emmieeee! Get UP!" she finally yelled, shacking her shoulders.
"Huh! Whut?" Emmie said, opening her eyes.
"We're going to be late for school. Hurry up!" Maka said, glad she had forced Emmie to take a shower last night incase this came up.
"I thought I still was going though remediation classes," Emmie said, yawning.
"No, you finished them yesterday, and since my dad knows Lord Death pretty well, he got your information to him just in time. You're officially a student at the DWMA!" Maka said, smiling at the thought. Emmie had come to live with them just after the last school year had ended and spent the summer with them,
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Maka went to the side of the school building, and sitting at two tables where two people Emmie had never seen. They seemed to be playing some sort of game on the picnic bench, the boy with death white skin and dark black hair with three lines on half of his hair seemingly winning.
"Unfair!" the boy with spiky blue hair yelled, grimacing.
"It is fair, prophylactic is a real word," the black haired boy said, smiling. Taking a second look, Emmie realized that the boy with black hair was more of a man then boy. He was obviously older then the blue haired boy, or Maka and herself.
"Kid, playing that word! Come on, I thought your dad taught you better then that!" Maka said, laughing.
"He did teach me well, that's why I know that word. Though an unintended pregnancy is the least of my concerns, but a disease could kill me. He's rather me be well prepared as it is," the black haired boy replied, obviously Kid.
Emmie blushed as she realized what they were talking about. From her health class back at her old school she remembered that prophylactic was a barrier method of birth control, a male or female condom.
"Well, anyway, this is Emmie, the girl who's been living with me since the beginning of summer. The one who was just talking is Kid. Sorry about our conversation, but he's always been a brother to me, so we can get into odd conversations to say the least," Maka said and
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