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Nivek, presented a normal behavior today, he discussed how he had fun playing outside and was excited he will be able to participate in his school ice-cream party tomorrow. In the activity he expressed his feeling in an approached manner by accepting the fact that he was losing rounds in the game. Modeled appropriate behavior when he displaced competiveness and how he was willing to continue playing until he was able to win the prize that he desired very badly. He showed no signs of anger or frustration but stated how he enjoyed playing the game and wining a prize at the end. Therapist praise Nivek for showing better self- control. Leira presentation during activity was appropriate, she also acknowledged the fact that she does not get …show more content…

During the activity Dyshawn was very talkative and acknowledged the fact he was getting frustrated because he was not wining. Dyshawn then stated that when he gets frustrated or angry he feels like punching the wall. Therapist explains to Dyshawn the importance of controlling his anger and modeled appropriate ways to handle anger, in order to calm him down. Dyshawn calmed down and in an appropriate manner he was able to express how he gets upset a lot even when he is playing basketball and how he explores self-calm behaviors by doing things that will calm him down or help him forget why he was mad such as: playing video games or taking a nap. Dyshawn was able to play the activity again where he became satisfied and was able to win an item. Neveeh stats how she was able to watched a whole bunch of movies today at school and how her and her friends were allowed to get popcorn from the office to eat while watching the movies. During the anger game activity she showed great affect and her presentation during the activity was appropriate. During activity she remained calm regardless if she had a good dice roll or not. Neveeh demonstrated appropriate ways to discuss angry feeling by stating that when she gets angry or feel as though she is getting angry she takes a nap or tries to think of something else which helps her calm down. Neveeh feels as through going to sleep is the best method for her because when she wakes up she feels much happier and has forgot why she

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