Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Training

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In this day and age companies are investing millions into leadership training in the aim of finding the right leaders for success, however it has been observed that too much importance has been given to IQ and leaders haven 't been performing up to expectations. (Doe, Ndinguri and Phipps 2015). With the realisation of IQ not being the sole factor for success researchers have directed more focus into Emotional Intelligence, in fact Doe, Ndinguri and Phipps (2015) argue that emotional intelligence may be the determining factor for the success or failure of leadership.
Before delving into detail about emotional intelligence the term must be understood first, according to Palmer et al .(2001) emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware about other peoples emotions as well as their own, can they motivate others, listen to others, be emotionally caring and as Thorndyke (1920) says “the ability to act wisely in human relations”. The report summarises the key research in emotional intelligence among leaders and how emotional intelligence is relevant for project managers.

Emotional intelligence among leaders
As a leader ones role is to steer the team or company in the right direction, to understand and interpret the organisational culture and team dynamics while also achieving targeted results and objectives. A good leader should be able to measure his own and others performance and develop team and personal capabilities. (Gandz 2005). However to be able to do this one must
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