Emotional Response To Change

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Brenda You brought up an excellent obstacle that is quite difficult to overcome and that is "CHANGE". We all know that change is distressing for one reason or another, but in order to overcome this challenge, we must first understand why that is. Why is it so hard to let go of the past and embrace the future? I consider this the million dollar question! If we truly understood it, then it would not be so hard for people to stop smoking, lose weight or conquer one's New Year's resolution. Furthermore, can you imagine if it is hard for an individual to change oneself, then think how hard it would be to persuade the minds of an organization? When I was involved in the pilot program, getting stakeholders to buy-in was not only challenging but overwhelming as well. It is difficult to transform an organization's culture due to several factors that are intertwined, which can influence change such as philosophies, behaviors, perceptions, and objectives (Denning, 2011). Denning (2011) goes on to say that although progress may emerge, eventually the "interlocking elements" (para 2) can take over; therefore,…show more content…
239). They recommend selecting a change theory early on in when implementing the restructuring of a process. Communication is vital to the success of change which fosters the "end users" transition in the process (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Communication needs to be constant and transparent for individuals to become committed. "Change is often a slow process that requires continual positive reinforcement" (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015, p. 240). Lastly, understanding that new concepts and technology involves risks, but our attitude toward failure is knowing that if the outcome was not what we anticipated, it's okay, but yet we are willing to learn from our failures and try
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