Emotions And Its Effects On The Mind And Soul

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Emotions are something, not separate or foreign to who we are, but certainly a ‘thing’. They are often intangible and ineffable and are likely to guide ones vantage point from which they see life. An emotion rises from a place within a person, as a “response to letting the world in”(befriending emotions) through sensory intake, food absorption, breath etc. As humans beings we are passively open and receptive to the world. More often than not, we are allow external reality, to enter the perception, without the awareness necessary to acknowledge the feeling, and thus the body, mind and soul are effected and thus react. There is little explanation as to what exactly this ‘thing’ is, but it is felt by all. This feeling, because it shifts the vantage point from which we see life, is often met with fear and resistance. This forces us to try and control emotion, suppress the feeling. We do this by finding an alternative feeling to replace the one we currently have, or if it is a ‘good’ emotion we try and hold onto the feeling, both cause us to resist the fluidity of life. This constant need for replacement, or the next best thing I believe is the cause of much of the confusion we are currently experiencing the world. Nobody is feeling what is directly in front of them, nobody is being with themselves and recognizing the rise and diffusion of emotion but they are rather constantly wanting something else, never stopping to recognize that they themselves are “an extraordinary

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