Inside Out: How Anger Impacts Judgment And Decision-Making

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When you ask a person what influences their choices, they’re most likely to be left speechless. Questions that make people think about their reasoning behind their actions are hard to answer. Why? It could be that even they don’t know. Choice is mainly influenced by the emotions that you are feeling. Other things weigh in on it, including your personal experience and beliefs. But for most people, how they are feeling is a large part of why they make the choices that they do. There are many different emotions that people feel every day. Fury, curiosity, love, humour, and happiness are all emotions a person could feel on a regular basis. These feelings affect your decision making skills. A very good example is the recently released Disney movie, “Inside Out.” In this movie, there were five main emotions that influenced how the main character, Riley, acted. “I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few more hours.” (Inside Out) This was spoken by the emotion sadness, showing that your feelings really can affect the things you do. …show more content…

While angry, people get out of control, sometimes not even realizing what they’re doing until after it’s done. “Interestingly, the effects of incidental emotion can be so strong that they drive behavior even when people have a financial incentive to disregard irrelevant influences on their judgment.” ("Fuel in the Fire: How Anger Impacts Judgment and Decision-Making”) Saying that, it’s clear that one of the main reasons why people make the choices that they do is because of their

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