Employee Compensation And Benefits Package

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Employee Compensation and Benefits Package The organization for which I am designing the compensation package is a company that offers internet solution to customers in the domestic US market and the global market. The position that I am hiring is that of a company secretary. The secretary will be required to work in the office of the human resource manager and will handle all the papered and paperless documentation. The position comes with numerous benefits and packages as outlined herein. After doing extensive research and analyzing the data released by the bureau of labor statistics, the secretary will be paid a basic pay of $25.00 per hour (Deckop, 2006). The amount is based on comparative analysis of how secretaries are paid by other similar organizations and with the goal of offering a competitive package that attracts many qualified secretaries to compete for the position. The position will be non-exempt and is based on fixed working hours. Any overtime will not be implemented until approved by the company’s management (Armstrong, 2007). The overtime payment will be $35.00 per hour, but this may be adjusted depending on the amount of work involved in the overtime hours. The position will also offer other employee benefits and allowances as a motivation for the workforce. The company will offer medical insurance where the employees will be sponsored for half the amount incurred as medical expenses. The medical cover offered by the company also covers the immediate
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